Tuesday, October 4, 2016

NETA SPA 2017 Fashion Show

The NETA SPA 2017 Fashion Show
The Harraseeket hosts our annual Fashion Show. It is a popular event; so popular that we were starting to have problems with occupancy and fire laws! We will use the same online process for ticketing (EventBrite) that we used for SPA2016. 
Make sure to tell your friends about this process so they can reserve seats too when we open the ticket process. (This won’t happen until after the holidays, early 2017.) In the meantime, make sure you are a member of the NETA Yahoo Email group - all Fashion Show announcements will be posted there.
The Fashion Show is a highlight of SPA for many members. Our vendors contribute wonderful items for door prizes every year, and there are many squeals of delight when they are passed to each winner.
You can attend the show just to watch, or take part yourself. It’s a lot of fun and silliness but also you get to see some truly stunning garments. If you don’t believe me, jump into our Flickr albums to see for yourself!
There will be plenty more information about the Fashion Show as we get closer. 

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