Monday, January 26, 2015

SPA Spotlight: Leslie Wind

I have been a crocheter, jeweler and dabbled in knitting since the late 1960's. But all of  that came together when I started making closures for fiber artists about six years ago. Since then I have concentrated on items that are beautiful, well made, fill a fiber arts need, and may even double as a wearable piece of jewelry.  

I enjoy making things right at the table for people to see the process. These, mostly bronze, made in the moment items may be show pins. I also make coco/tea twirlers, hair pins or book marks. Working with bronze is such a free process as cost is not such a factor. So instead of thinking of Woodstock I feel like I am at "woolstock".

Leslie Wind

Items Shown Below:
  • Flame-eyed yarn Sewing Needle in entwined bronze /sterling or copper/sterling
  • Sheep Cable Needle Necklace in bronze and sterling
  • Spiral Tab Pin in Sterling

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