Monday, January 26, 2015

SPA Spotlight: Friends' Folly Farm

We have raised Angora Goats for 26 years. It all started with two Angora wethers we purchased from Mary Isham at the Common Ground Fair to stock the barn on our new property with critters that were pets but also “paid back”. Little did we know that those two little goats would change the direction of our lives!

First we learned to clip them, wash their fiber, card and spin it all by hand. Then we were tired of white so we learned how to dye from Diane Trussell. One thing led to another – we added sheep to the herd, learned how to felt, bought a cottage industry carder, bought some natural colored Angoras as the breed was being developed in the 90’s. Marcia started weaving again (she learned how in college).

The next thing we knew we were doing fiber shows and selling our products – from raw fleeces to finished goods. Our focus has always been about the "Magic of Mohair": Mohair means "choice" in Arabic and has been used in the English language since the 1500's to specifically denote the fiber from Angora goats. The Magic is the length, strength, and sheen of mohair. The average staple length is 5 inches - which is clipped every 6 months - easy to spin with a long draw. A single strand of mohair is as strong as steel of the same size - that means it's great in a blend for socks (forget the need for nylon!) The sheen of mohair when dyed creates wonderful colors.

Friendz Blendz (50% mohair/50% wool) roving and yarns are our signature products. It’s a great blend for strength, sheen, and vibrant colors. We dabble in other bends for yarn and roving and make our own dyed batts and curls for spinners and felters.

You can find us on-line at, in Monmouth,Maine at our Yarn in a Yurt shop, or at Fiber Frolic in June of each year.

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