Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SPA Spotlight: Highland Handmades

With this post, we begin a series of spotlight blog entries on the talented and dedicated artists who will bring their products, services, and spirit to SPA 2015 in Freeport, ME. The information in each spotlight comes right from the vendor - make sure to visit them in the Hilton SPA Marketplace!

SPA Spotlight: Highland Handmades

Highland Handmades has been enabling your addictions since 2009.  We specialize in fun and gorgeous colorways inspired by everything from our home in the mountains to the best of geek culture.  We offer yarns in a variety of weights from cobweb to ultra-bulky and carry SIX kinds of sock yarn to suit every desire.  

Our fibers include long wools, fine wools, superwash and feltable fibers ... and we have some gorgeous locally-grown roving as well.   HH also carries handmade drop spindles made from locally and ethically harvested hardwoods out of the North Maine Woods.  Our spindles are as durable as they are beautiful and come with a lifetime repair guarantee.

We are a certified Maine-Made business.  You can visit our shop at, watch our podcast at, follow us on Instagram (FiberistaFiles) and Like us on FaceBook as well.

Happy Spinning and Knitting!

Heather Kinne
Owner, Highland Handmades

Last Updated: 07.09.14