Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SPA 2014: Let's Do it Again, Shall We?

Last Updated:  04.03.13

We have announced the details and registration open date for SPA 2014.

For those of you who missed the initial announcements, here are links to each of them. The number listed first is their message number in our Yahoo group mail archives. You can always search the archives by going to the group home page and clicking on the Messages link, too.

44230 General Announcement

44231 Hampton

44232 Hilton

44233 Harraseeket

44234 Additional Details

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Scenes from SPA 2013

Last Updated: 02.01.13

It's a Fibah Thang!

Good Karma's Yarn Tree. There are prizes hidden in six skeins on this tree!

OK, so it's not ALL about the fiber!

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Updated: 02.01.13

Getting to SPA 2013 - Pics and Stories

Says Nancy Shay:  "Started my journey to SPA last night. Stopped in Lowell to spend the night and pick up my traveling companion. This morning while knitting I found a new knitting buddy, Simon!"

From GeorgeAnn Duval:

"Spa Train to FiberTastic Alley"

As I waited for the Spa Train this morning I felt like I was stepping into a scene of Harry Potter... Did I bring every thing I needed? Will someone take the 42 lbs of yarn that I so painstakingly packed home as their own (orange bag) What would the vendor lane be like? I imagined it would be like Harry feeling like he would need another eight eyes to take it all in! Tomorrow will tell as I venture to the Diagon Alley of Spa 2013, where there will be shops selling yarn, both thick and thin, and craftsmen selling spinning wheels both compact and elaborate!

SPA 2013 promises to bring fun and laughter. What more can a gal ask for! Well, this tops them all... a hank! Yay, I've niddy noddied my first fibers into a hank that I'll cherish (albeit pretty funny looking). Moreover, I sense that friendships shall be forged that will hold fast through the years, intricately woven to stand the tests of time!


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Last Updated: 01.31.13

Welcome to SPA 2013! There are already guests sitting and spinning in the Hilton lobby, and more will start arriving any minute! Check back here throughout the weekend for updates and pictures from all of the venues. And if you take an awesome picture that shows that SPA spirit, send it to me at and I'll gladly post it for you.

Looking forward to yet another awesome SPA Knit and Spin weekend!

- Laurin