Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fiber Vendors for NETA SPA 2013

Last Updated:  01.04.13
Here are the fiber vendors who will participate in our Mercantile for NETA Spa Knit and Spin 2013. We'll post the therapy vendors in a minute or two - there are three this year!

(note:  actually, we haven't contacted the therapy vendors quite yet to confirm, so I'll post that list once they know - they should get told first, right?!?!? :-P)

There are several new folks on the list, as well as many of your favorites returning again. Our goal was to give you a group of artisans from all over New England, who will bring a wide variety of fibers, products, skills, and energy to share with you. We think these talented people will do just that, and we hope you'll agree!

See you sooner than it seems! (February isn't so far away!)

Enchanted Knoll Farm - www.enchantedknoll.com
Five Sheep & A Donkey - www.fivesheepandadonkey.com
Good Karma Farm - www.goodkarmafarm.com
Janet Conner - www.jconnerhookedrugs.com
Merlin Tree - www.themerlintree.com
Mountain Fiber Folk - www.mtfiberfolk.com
Pine Star Studio - www.pinestarstudio.com
Portland Fiber Gallery - www.portlandfibergallery.com
Quiltessentials - www.quilt-essentials.com
Mad Color Fiber Arts - www.madcolorfiberarts.com
Shipyard Point Glass Works - www.shipyardpointglassworks.com
Spunky Eclectic - www.spunkyeclectic.com
Starcroft Fiber Mill - www.starcroftfiber.com
String Theory - www.stringtheoryyarn.com
The Woolen Rabbit - www.thewoolenrabbit.com
Spinakees - www.spinnakeesfarm.com
Leslie Wind - www.lesliewind.com
Dye Mama Woolworks - www.dyemama.etsy.com
Springtide Cashmere - www.springtidefarm.com
Hatchtown Farm - www.hatchtown.com
Snowfield Farm - www.snowfieldalpacas.com
Tsarina of Tsocks / Art for Your Feet -  www.tsocktsarina.com
Dirty Water Dyeworks - www.dirtywaterdyeworks.com

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