Sunday, January 29, 2012

Second SPA 2012 Contest!

Hi everybody,

Here's a contest for everybody who's ever been to Spa, even if you won't be joining us this year. Just write something you remember (and we hope it's a good memory) about something that happened or didn't or that you did or didn't do at Spa. It can be ANYthing, and you can enter as many times as you want to. The contest ends next Sun., and the prize is a delicious lunch at the Harraseeket Inn.

Remember, the subject line has to be: I REMEMBER
Entries must be posted in the Yahoo Mail List group for NETA - click on this link to join and / or submit an entry:

Already grinning at the good reads to come!

Amy, Chris, Debi, Diane, Laurin and Marsha

Last Updated: 01.29.12

SPA 2012 (First) Contest Winner!

The "I AM GOING TO..." messages were wonderful reading. Thank you, everybody!

Our contest winner, totally randomly and happily selected, is Jean Hearn. Congratulations, Jean. :)

Please write to me privately where you are staying. We planners will make sure your Harraseeket dinner certificate is delivered to the front desk for you.

Next contest is coming right up!


Last Updated: 01.29.12

Do you feel lucky?

We planners are working on the last of the Spa event details, and our Spa Spirit is definitely revving. We want to share some of our "looking SO forward" joy with you, so here is our first SPA contest.

(Cue sound of knitting needles clicking in happy applause).

The winner, who will be chosen by some yet-to-be-invented and absolutely random method, will receive a free dinner in the renowned Harraseeket Inn.

The name of the contest is I AM GOING TO, as in: I am going to Spa. I am going to...... You simply fill in the blank with as many plans, dreams and fun ideas as you want to write, then post the message here
with the subject I AM GOING TO.

Do not post entries on this blog. All entries must be posted on the Yahoo mail list site for NETA. Click on the link above, or here -

Simple, simple and sure to make smiles all around. Now GO!!


Last Updated: 01.29.12