Saturday, February 26, 2011

SPA 2011: It's a Fibery Wonderful Thing

Dirty Water Dye Works

Despite the craptastic weather yesterday, the halls are packed here at the Hilton, full of bag-totin / free-table plunderin / chocolate eatin / raffle-ticket buyin / SMILIN fiber folk. Let's just let the pictures tell the story, shall we?

The free table - it was like Filene's Basement for a while there!

Knitting Out Loud

Planners planning,

And greeters greeting!

Snowshoe Alpacas


Darlin' Dave from The Merlin Tree

stay tuned for more!

Last Updated: 02.26.11


Julie said...

Great pictures! Keep them coming for those of us who have to live SPA this year through them :-(

Deborah Connor said...

I am a new knitter as of 2 weeks ago. One of my friends told me about this and I just happened to see it online.

Is this going on this weekend??

Where is it and what is the cost of attending? Would LOVE more info!

Thanks for any help u could give.


Helen said...

Fabulous photos! Best SPA weekend ever.