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It's the (2nd) Most Happiest Time of the Year...

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Yup, it's time - time to start planning YOUR SPA2011. Check out this and the next few listings for all the details you could possibly need.

(What's the MOST wonderful time of the year? Why, SPA2011, of course!!)

Posting #1: Dates and Locations
Spa, Knit and Spin 2011 reservations at the Harraseeket Inn, Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn will open at 7:30 AM sharp on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

February 25-27, 2011
FYI, all lodgings have wonderful nooks and crannies for small groups to gather. The NETA Mercantile will be in the Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom and Monhegan Board Room. Spa therapy locations TBA.

Spinning, knitting and sharing circles will be throughout all three inns all weekend. Larger gatherings will be in the Harraseeket Inn's Casco Bay Ballroom all weekend, with other activities downstairs. The Harraseeket and Hilton Garden Inns are a short walking distance from one another, and both have plenty of free parking. The Hampton Inn is a five minute ride away. A Spa shuttle will run between all three inns and central Freeport shopping.

PLEASE NOTE: Both the Hilton Garden Inn and the Harraseeket Inn have implemented a change in the reservations policy this year. In past years a number of individuals have reserved 2-5 rooms under one name.  At check-in for Spa, most of these rooms are paid for by a different name with a different credit card, neither of which are on file. This has resulted in confusion for the hotels. They are requesting that EACH reserved room be in the name of and reserved under the card of the person who will be checking in for it. Please honor this request. Additionally, each year there are a few of these multiple reservation rooms that are cancelled late or not at all, and they go empty because there wasn't time or awareness to free them for someone else to fill them. This has resulted in frustration and lost revenue for the hotels, who already are generous with their discounts to us. It is not fair to the inns or to other people who want to be at Spa, so please do defer to our inns' request.

Next Posting: Hilton Garden Inn Lodging Details

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