Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SPA FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last Updated: 01.19.10

Q. Who are the vendors who will be at SPA 2010?
A. Click here for the complete list.

Q. Do I need to bring a chair for the common areas?
A. Nope - each venue provides numerous folding chairs (varying degrees of comfort) for each common area. However, if you have the Hummer of folding chairs and can't be comfie without your built-in cup holder, massage back and mini-TV, feel free to bring your own!

Q. So what do I bring?
A. Some suggestions:

  • If you share a room with someone, it can't hurt to bring an extra towel or two.
  • Gently used items (yarn, patterns, books, supplies, needles, whatevah) for the free table, or new items for door prizes (optional)
  • CASH and / or credit cards. Most vendors take cards, but just in case...
  • something to model in the fashion show (optional)
  • silly slippers (optional) to wear throughout your hotel
  • projects of course, although this is optional, because you will be able to shop for everything to start a new one!
  • questions for other fiber-nutz, and answers too, if you have them. there is always someone who can learn from YOU.
  • a covered drink mug - to load up on that "coffee" and avoid spills!
  • a bathing suit and workout gear if you want to swim or, well, work out...
  • a noisemaker of some sort - you'll find out why later!

Q. What are the hours for the vendor room this year?
A. Not sure yet - will post them as soon as I find them...

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