Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coming to SPA this Year?

Last Updated: 01.07.10

It's getting close - we're starting to eye our suitcases, trying to figure out what we can pack RIGHT NOW. And projects to bring, that can be worked on over cocktails, or while sitting at the information table, or while relaxing in front of the fireplace. We're starting to remind our significant others that we WON'T BE HOME for a few nights next month - if you don't start now, they'll forget and schedule a hunting trip or some dumb thing on the same weekend, right?

This entry will collect any resources to share about Freeport, SPA in general, or in particular. Places to go, eat, shop, wander, peruse, and discover, all will be listed here.

Are you excited? Are you just quivering with an - - - - tici - - - - - PATION?

Thanks to Marsha L. for the first item! Here's a website about Freeport.

and from Karen (KVL), a link to an article about the SHIPS project:

(from Scott at Brewster B&B) Freeport info is also available at Destination Freeport, Freeport USA, and Historic Freeport Bed and Breakfasts, as well as our B&B, Brewster House Bed & Breakfast.

All have things to do, shopping info, restaurant info, and more.

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