Thursday, February 26, 2009

SPA 2009 - Thursday Night

Last Updated: 02.26.09

It's finally here!

Can you feel the North American continent sorta listing to the North East a little? Maybe taking on a little water on the coast?

There's a good reason. More than 500 women and a few men are converging on the seasonally peaceful little burg of Freeport, ME for a long weekend of knitting, spinning, shopping, and other fiber-lishus pursuits. And they are lugging spinning wheels and projects and hot plates and quesadilla fixins (not kidding!) and their favorite liquor and wine and chocolate and cookies (by the way, the Hilton's cookies are freaking awesome) and needles and bobbins and tatting-thingies and no wonder the country is a bit askew....

While events do not really kick off until tomorrow, several NETA peeps make a longer weekend out of it, so there were about two dozen of us in the lobby at the Hilton (can't speak for the other locations, so I'll guess there were more already here), just hanging out, using all that stuff we lugged up here. And ordering drinkies and nummies from the lovely Leslie at the bar.
The bar munchies were great - chicken quesadillas (not cooked on a hotplate!), grilled shrimp on sugarcane skewers, tater skins, sweet potato fries - but the blueberry martoonie won the prize for yumminess and a very blueberry-y funk that everyone in the bar was able to share.

More pics tomorrow. Heading to bed - it's going to be a very busy day.

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