Sunday, January 25, 2009

22nd Annual Sheepshearing Day at Gore Place

Last Updated: 01.25.09

22nd Annual Sheepshearing Day at Gore Place
April 25, 2009
52 Gore Street
Waltham, MA

The annual Sheepshearing Festival has long been a New England tradition. There will be all sorts of activities and demonstrations to enjoy, lively music, dancers, performers, historic recreators, farm animals, wagon rides, magic shows and a large crafts fair. There will be plenty of food vendors onsite as well.

And, best of all, admission is free for children 12 & under. Parking is also free.
Mark your calendar! SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2009 is Sheepshearing Day at Gore Place!

Here's a page with some pictures from past events taken by photographer Bruce Allen: www.goreplace/sheepshearing-press-photos.htm .

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Gore Place said...


Thanks for listing our Sheepshearing Festival. We're always looking for fiber arts folks to participate. Anyone wanting more information can contact me at Thank you!
Thom Roach
Program Director
Gore Place