Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stonesthrow Farm

Last Updated: 11.22.08

Stonesthrow Farm
136 Jack Perry Rd
Wallingford, VT 05773-9350

Owner: Kat Smith

Specializing in covered fleeces, Cormo, Bluefaced Leicester, Romney and crosses, Registered white angora goats.
Breeding stock, crosses for handspinning flocks, fleece, mohair locks, roving, yarn, blankets, sheepcoats, pelts.
Visitors by appointment only

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Anonymous said...

I almost don't want to write anything about Kat Smith's absolutely excellent fleeces because I want them all for myself!! But, it's the holiday season so I will share. LOL Kat's fleeces are the most perfect fleeces I have ever seen. They are pristine and so clean--no VM. The minute I arrive at the NH show, I hoof it over to her booth and drool. At Rhinebeck this year, I bought a lovely BFL lamb fleece that is next on my list to spin. Now I've let the cat out of the bag!!! Jessie in CT

Anonymous said...

I bought a cormo lamb ram awhile back from Kat to cross with my Romneys and got to visit her farm. She is a very nice person. My ram, Beau, is a real sweetheart and I can't wait to see his offspring. They are going to be beauties. Kat's white angora is very soft and a joy to spin.

Rita Clarkson in Maine

Helen said...

Kat has been unfailingly generous to NETA for a number of years. She has volunteered high quality little treasures for the NETA Treasure Chest and always with a smile and a hug.
Helen in Portsmouth

Helen in Portsmouth said...

Kat has been a generous and lovely supporter of the NETA Treasure Chest for a number of years. Never waits to be asked; always there for us.

Diane H K in Greenfield, MA said...

Kat has great products and is an excellent vendor. Always easy to work with and to buy from. Highly recommend.