Sunday, October 26, 2008


Last Updated: 10.26.08

33Webster Road
Lisbon, ME 04250
(207) 650-7214

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Julia said...

I haven't been to the physical store but always check out her booth at the fiber festivals. Usually has a nice assortment of spindles and rovings.

Cindy said...

I've been to the store several times, lots more there than on the website even. She has lots of beautiful spindles, amazing collection of hand-dyed fiber and yarns. Lots of different types of fibers which is nice for touch-and-feel learning. Amy also sells and rents out wheels, and looms maybe. I know she has examples of weaving there. She is patient and helpful.

Amy also teaches group classes and private lessons and recently published a great book, Spin Control. Based on the few times I've talked to her and reading her book, I'm guessing she is a good teacher too.

Vivian said...

I have bought Amy's yarns at fairs and absolutely love them! Beautiful colors and fiber combinations.